Covid-19 Travel Update

Options for pet air travel are extremely limited at this time and it is unclear when travel will begin to normalize. Our PenderAIR team is closely following the changing regulations and requirements to ensure we continue to provide the highest level of service for our clients and their pets.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are planning on traveling with your pet, as some destinations may require additional time to prepare requirements and/or may be impossible at this time. Due to high volume, we are responding to all new requests in order of travel date.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


International Pet Shipping with PenderAIR

Published on July 19, 2014

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International Pet Shipping with PenderAIR

PenderAIR (Animals in Relocation) is always excited for the busy international pet shipping season!  We know moving and shipping your pet internationally can be stressful; our goal at PenderAIR is to make your pet’s move the easiest part of your transition.  Here are a few things we’ll do to make sure your pet’s move is stress free for you and your pet:

  • We have USDA accredited veterinarians from Pender Veterinary Centre that can sign all the needed documentation for each destination country.
  • Our award winning Pender Pet Retreat can board your pet prior to travel should you need to arrive ahead of your pet. (We recommend that families travel before their pet in certain circumstances, so you are there to receive your pet once they arrive at their new home.)
  • We provide everything that is needed for air travel for pets.  We carefully measure your pet for the proper crate size and make any extra accommodations for breed restrictions, when needed.
  • We also make crate modifications for birds and reptiles, since store bought crates do not meet airline requirements for international pet shipping.
  • We can always tell clients that a highly trained member of our Pender team will assist in shipping their pet and we encourage all of our clients to come in to meet our staff and tour our facility.
  • Our clients often become pen-pals and tell us about their pet’s experiences in their new home.

If you are preparing to travel with your pet, please keep in mind that international pet shipping can be tricky to navigate. Not all airlines travel to all countries, many airlines have restrictions on the breeds they will transport, certain countries require that owners obtain import permit prior to making reservations…The list goes on and on. And if not done correctly, you could miss your flight, your pet could be flown back to the United States, face weeks or months of quarantine in the new country, or worse… As we all know, it’s always better to do things right the first time. That’s why we recommend the international pet shipping experience and expertise of our staff at PenderAIR. We are here to help ease the stress of pet travel and give you and your pet the First Class service you both deserve.  We are always happy to answer questions, so feel free to give us a call!

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