Covid-19 Travel Update

Options for pet air travel are extremely limited at this time and it is unclear when travel will begin to normalize. Our PenderAIR team is closely following the changing regulations and requirements to ensure we continue to provide the highest level of service for our clients and their pets.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are planning on traveling with your pet, as some destinations may require additional time to prepare requirements and/or may be impossible at this time. Due to high volume, we are responding to all new requests in order of travel date.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


Pender Pet Caring Foundation

Raising the Bar for Veterinary Medicine and Education

The Pender Pet Caring Foundation is a non-profit, philanthropic organization focused on improving veterinary patient care through humane, non-lethal research and extending care to animals in need. Through supporting medical research, pet adoption programs and the treatment of sick or injured strays and indigent animals, the Pender Pet Caring Foundation seeks to improve and expand upon developments in animal care.

The Pender Pet Caring Foundation is dedicated to strengthening the human-animal bond locally and nationwide.  To support its mission, the Pender Pet Caring Foundation sells memorial bricks that can be placed in the Pender Memorial Park and accepts donations from generous pet lovers from across the country.  PPCF’s donors have been touched by deep relationships with their pets and know personally how a loving pet can assist, provide therapy, or even heal.  Many PPCF donors have worked closely with the doctors and staff of Pender Veterinary Centre in Fairfax, Virginia to help their sick or injured pets.

For more information about the Pender Pet Caring Foundation, to purchase a memorial brick, or to donate please contact Ruth Faulkner at 703-631-9590.

You can also purchase a memorial brick by filling out this online order form.

We look for programs that understand and enhance the human-animal bond.

The programs supported by PPCF must share our mission of raising the standards of veterinary medicine and supporting advancement in research and veterinary education. We also look for programs that understand and help further and enhance the human-animal bond. We are proud to support some truly exceptional programs, including:

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