Safe Pet Air Travel During Colder Months

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Good Planning Makes for Safe International Pet Shipping During Colder Months

PenderAIR’s busy international pet shipping summer is now winding down and it is time to shift our focus from airline heat restrictions and keeping pets cool during travel to making sure all of our travelling pets are safe and sound during the cooler weather fall and winter bring.  Here are a few ways we modify what we do to best serve you and your pet.

Adjust the timing of flights.  During summer months we try to ship in the early morning or late evening and during the winter we will shift to mid-day flights so that the temperatures are a bit warmer for your pet.

Plan the timing of your paperwork.  Inclement winter weather can delay flights for people but just because planes continue to fly doesn’t mean your pet will be granted permission to fly.  Airlines may decline to take animals if the airport must clear the runways of snow and/or de-ice the planes. We recommend that you plan to get your health certificate with plenty of time to spare in case there are weather-related delays that keep your pet from departing.

Adjust crate accommodations for dogs and cats.  During summer months we freeze water for the water bowls that go in the crate and we insert very little bedding in the crate to increase airflow.  During colder winter months, we tailor crate accommodations to the specific breed.  Breeds with thick coats love the colder temperatures we get here in Northern Virginia winters but those short-haired breeds prefer it balmy.  To keep our short-haired friends toasty we add lots of shredded newspaper so they can burrow in and keep warm.

Adjust crate accommodations for birds.  When traveling as cargo dogs, cats, and birds are kept in a climate controlled area before the flight and during their flight. However, they may be exposed to the elements for a short period of time when they are moved from the cargo building and placed onto the airplane. Most of us know that the winter of Northern Virginia can be terribly cold, so a little added warmth goes a long way!  Birds are greatly affected by sudden decreases in temperature so we modify the crates by baffling all the ventilation with heavy cloth to prevent the temperate from dropping too quickly.

Know your pet so you can prepare.  You know your pet better than anyone. As you prepare for travel, is important that you take into consideration the temperatures your pet is accustomed to and take appropriate actions to make sure they will travel safely. If you have any questions about preparing your pet for travel this winter, please give us a call or send us an email. We can answer any questions and are happy to assist your pet’s international move.  We at PenderAIR wish you and your pet a cozy, relaxing flight and a warm reunion when you arrive at your destination!

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