We tailor all of our plans specifically for each pet and each country. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, we invite you to call us and we’ll happily answer any question you may have!

Depending on the country you are traveling to and the type of pet you are bringing with you, paperwork and necessary bookings can take six months or more to prepare. We recommend planning for your pet(s) relocation no less than 30 days prior to your move. Contact one of our Pet Travel Coordinators as soon as possible to inquire into the timeline for your specific location.

There are a few different ways the booking for your pet can be made, with different benefits and hurdles associated with each!

  • In-cabin: This type of booking is made directly by the pet parent and is only allowed for pets small enough to fit in a carrier under the seat in front of their owner. Most airlines only allow 1 pet per passenger. Every airline has their own rules and regulations for this type of booking. Please check with your airline to see if this is the best option for you. Please note that some destinations will not allow pets to arrive in cabin.
  • Accompanied or Excess Baggage: Pet owners are responsible for making this type of booking. If your pet is too large to fly in cabin you may have the option of booking them as Accompanied Baggage. For this type of booking the pet(s) are booked on the owners ticket. This means the owner is responsible for checking the pet in for the flight. This is often much cheaper than booking as manifested cargo but comes with it’s own risks and complexities. Pets booked as excess baggage are handled secondary to manifested cargo upon arrival and are transported to a separate pick-up location within the airport, much like passenger luggage. This means the wait time on the tarmac may be increased. During times of increased heat or cold this can be sub optimal for older pets or pets that are very young. There is also a limit to how many pets can be booked on a single ticket. Layovers are also an extra challenge as the pet parent is responsible for collecting and checking their pet in to their next flight. Some countries will not allow pets to enter as excess baggage and many airlines no longer allow this type of reservation. If you choose to pursue an excess baggage booking for your pet, PenderAIR cannot make your reservation. We are happy to assist with helping you choose a properly sized IATA approved kennel as well as completing the USDA endorsed health documents. It is also worth noting that any pet booked on a passenger ticket cannot be cleared through destination customs by a third party as the pet is consigned only to you.
  • Manifested Cargo: This is the most common type of pet booking and the only booking PenderAIR can make for you. Pets traveling as manifested cargo travel underneath the plane in the temperature and pressure controlled, live animal hold just like pets booked as excess baggage. Manifest cargo bookings, however, have first priority in the loading and unloading of the plane. This means pets spend less time waiting out in the elements and therefore endure less stress entering and exiting the plane. They have their own ticket (known as an airway bill) and their travel can be tracked remotely. Pets that travel as manifested cargo can also travel before or after their owners, which is often very helpful in international relocations. Layovers are handled with ease and pets are taken directly to special layover care facilities to stretch their legs before being checked in by airline staff for their next flight. Manifested cargo is the booking type recommended by PenderAIR for most relocations due to the higher safety and comfort it gives pets and the added flexibility for your timeline. It is the universally accepted booking type for airlines and countries that accept live animals. It also provides the benefit of consigning third party members to clear customs and collect the pets for you (such as a pet transporter or broker). This is often especially helpful during an international move!

If you are unsure which booking type is best for your pet, please give us a call and we can help further explain how these different reservations could affect your specific pet and relocation.

PenderAIR makes every effort to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible during their trip. We use only the safest and most comfortable crates. All pets travel in climate controlled areas, so there is no need to worry about your pet being too hot or too cold in flight.

No! Sedatives might be wonderful for a car ride or to help a pet during a scary thunderstorm, but they can be life-threatening if given before a flight. The American Veterinary Medical Association strongly advises against giving a sedative before air travel, and most airlines will not accept pets that have been given tranquilizers. The best way to prepare your pet for the flight is to familiarize them with their travel accommodations ahead of time. Our Pet Travel Coordinators are experts in this – give them a call today for help on how to make your pet comfortable during their flight.

Glad you asked, we hear this question often! Introducing them to their flight crate in advance will help make their trip easier when it is time to travel. Bring the crate home for a few days and give them ample time to sniff it out. Putting an old t-shirt that has been worn but not washed inside can help make it a more familiar environment. Try giving them treats when they step into it, or even put their food inside it to help them associate the space with comfort and good things. This should help them think of it as their own travel sanctuary when it is time for their trip.

PenderAIR is here to help! We build custom crates for any size you might need. All of our custom crates are safe, secure, and meet the guidelines put in place by IATA (International Air Transport Association). No pet is too big or too small for a custom crate – get in touch with our Pet Travel Coordinators if you are worried that a pre-built crate might not work for your pet.

There are many requirements that need to be met in order to ship your pet internationally. These vary from species to species and from country to country and can be quite complicated. There are specific forms that need to be completed and very specific health guidelines to follow. Many of these requirements are also very time sensitive. Our Pet Travel Coordinators have helped ship pets everywhere from Australia to Japan. With us in charge of your pet’s travel, you can be assured that no detail will be missed!


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