Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, both international and domestic travel has been highly affected, for both human and pet passengers. We are working tirelessly to keep abreast of these complications and are doing our utmost to ensure everything runs smoothly during this time. We thank you for your patience as we work to get your pet to their destination.


Pender AIR: The Experts in International Pet Shipping & Transportation

Beware of pet scammers! PenderAIR has been the target of scamming attempts claiming that we are assisting in transporting purchased animals to their owners. Please read this article if you are concerned you might be involved in a scam.


Moving to another country and planning to take your dog, cat, or exotic pet?  We can help!

PenderAIR is the most comprehensive, concierge pet shipping company in the Washington DC metro area, specializing in all-inclusive pet shipping packages that save you money and time.  PenderAIR’s veterinary-focused approach to safely moving your pet will relieve the stress and hassle of trying to decipher airline and country regulations, allowing you the time you need to coordinate all of the other things on your to-do list.  Over the years, we have assisted thousands of owners in successfully shipping their pets internationally and nobody does it with more attention to detail and care.

PenderAIR is a part of the Pender Family of Pet Care Companies, who for 45 years, have offered 24 hour veterinary care, comprehensive lab services, pet lodging, and pet shipping with integrity and compassion.

Why do our clients say moving with PenderAIR is easier?  Our secret is that we do all of the veterinary work, paperwork, planning, booking, and transport to/from the airport for you in-house, with Pender’s own employees.  We don’t just give you a “how to” guide, we are your guide!  Complete our simple form and a real PenderAIR Travel Coordinator will contact you very shortly to begin planning your pet’s trip.  With PenderAIR on your side, all you have to worry about is getting yourself to your new home!


We’ll handle every detail of your pet’s move

  • Application for important permits
  • Vaccinations/laboratory tests
  • Documentation for travel
  • USDA endorsements
  • Airline approved pet carriers
  • Booking your pet’s flight
  • Board your pet prior to travel
  • Transportation to the airport
  • Personalized airport check-in

"My birds transitioned much better than I thought they would and getting them from the airport was really easy... almost too easy. Thank you very much for everything you did for me! I appreciate it so much."

- Kim with The State Department

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