Not Too Small, Not Too Large = Just Right

For: Dogs up to 60lbs

The Junior Suites at Pender Pet Retreat provide more room than our Canine Condos while offering the same variety of ways to spoil your best friend.  When you book your Junior Suite you can rest easy knowing that we’ve done the work for you.  Each day, your pup will enjoy a combination of outings and activities designed to provide exercise and enrichment in a fun, safe setting:

  • A morning outdoor walk (on real grass not concrete!)
  • An outdoor hike, playschool, or cuddle depending on the activity level you select
  • A mid-day treat
  • An after dinner outdoor walk (on real grass, not concrete!)
  • Super soft, lambswool bedding for a great night sleep

Looking for less space?  Little dogs are welcome to reserve our Canine Condo.

Looking for more space?  All dogs are welcome to reserve our Senior Suite and Executive Suite.

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