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Paul Schmidlen

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Pet Travel Coordinator

Personal Interests: I train Thai Boxing, Kali, and Jiu Jitsu. I enjoy Music, Reading, and video games when relaxing.

My first pet: I had a myriad of mice, hamsters, snakes, and lizards as a kid. My first dog was “Mozart” a very large King Shepherd with a love of destroying personal property. He lived a vibrant 15 years. We were the best of friends.

My current pets: I have an ancient Pekingese at home names “Petey” and a younger Bichon Mix names “Shadow”. I also occasionally take care of the best Pit Bull in the world name “Riley”.

Why I chose to work in this field: I’ve been in the vet field for many years and it’s hard for me to imagine working in an office that doesn’t have animals in it! I chose to work in global pet transportation because it’s a great challenge and the work is rewarding.

My Experience & Education: I’ve been working with Pender Veterinary Center for over a decade. Interacting with animals and making them feel calm and safe is something I’ve become very good at over the years. It’s helped me tremendously with caring for animals during the stress of moving to a new home.

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