What you should know before putting your pet on a plane

  • Are you working with an experienced pet travel coordinator who knows (a) each airline’s rules, (b) all crate requirements, and (c) your destination’s regulations (these differ country to country).
  • Will your pet travel coordinator offer full-service, cost-saving options and be available to you by email, phone or app throughout your pet’s journey?
  • Do they know all the health documentation and testing requirements needed for your pet to travel to your destination – and facilitate or expedite these for you? Do they work with veterinarians and have a history of keeping pets healthy and safe?
  • Do you trust that your pet will have the safest, shortest trip and be as stress-free as possible from their booking?
  • Will there be an assigned agent to personally meet your pet on the other end of the flight and expedite your pet through customs, handle any boarding needs and help reunite your pet with you?
  • If there are cancellations or delays, can your agent easily accommodate your pet’s needs in a safe and comfortable way, and re-book as needed?

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