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Carmen Wragg

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Personal Interests: I love my two horses, riding or just hanging out in the barn is my Zen time, I like to travel as much as I can and have been to most continents . I am currently saving up for my trip to Antarctica. I really want to see the Emperor Penguins and hopefully can get a glimpse of the King Penguins too.

Education/Experience: I have earned multiple degrees, one in Nursing and the other in Business Management and Marketing from a University in Germany. I was working as a Nurse for four years  before I changed my carrier path to work in Aviation in 1991 when I joined Pan Am at Frankfurt Airport. 30 years later, I never looked back. Being a Nurse has me prepared to never lose my focus and not to get stressed over little things and bumps on the road to success.

Pets: I currently own 2 horses – April is a 30years old Welsh Cob Pony and Churchill is a 14year old Thoroughbred, 3 dogs – two Morkies (both foster failures), one Pit bull Terrier – and one cat, who is in charge of them all.

Why Pet Travel?: Pender Air has given me the possibility to combine my love for Aviation and Pets. This is the perfect environment for me. Helping owners take the stress out of their travel plans is what I love to do. No day is the same and some moves are very challenging but it is such a rewarding experience to find the best possible flight path for our furry clients an getting them there on time.

Most satisfying part of the job: Seeing our furry clients being reunited with their owners is truly the best part. We love to see all the  photos and video updates to see how they are adjusting in their new homes in a foreign county. We have many returning clients and we are always happy to help receive the pets back to the USA and clearing all formalities as well.

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