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Christina Bowen

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Christina Bowen, Pet Travel Coordinator

Christina joined Pender Air as Pet Travel Coordinator in September 2019. In her role as specialist for the United Kingdom and the European Union she strives to provide her clients with clear understanding of the country and airline regulations while securing the safest, most comfortable flight plans for her pet clients. She shares in Pender Air’s commitment to compassion, education, transparency and fairness.

“It has been an absolute honor to be entrusted with the four footed and winged family members of our international travelers many of whom are serving our country. Recently, I received a Saturday call from an Airforce couple. They told me they were in Mississippi, leaving for Germany the next day. Due to an error, their health certificate came back without endorsement. They had called many companies, but only Pender Air answered their call for urgent assistance. They requested that we meet them at BWI, collect the pets, and deliver them to Germany at the soonest opportunity. Pender Air works as a team. With two short conversations, one with our manager and another one of our Pet Travel Coordinators, we were able to tell them we could help. Tigger and Latte were collected at the airport. Calls to their veterinarians in Mississippi were made and corrected documents were received. The new Health Certificate was endorsed, a flight was booked, and their kennels were built and outfitted. Tigger and Latte were delivered to their family and new home within five days.”

Christina’s background in pet management and care developed during her competitive equestrian career. Her skills in logistics and husbandry were refined after she constructed an equestrian facility serving 12-15 horses and their owners. During this time she managed multiple veterinarian and farrier schedules, treatments, medications, rehabilitation, and transportation to varied equestrian events. Later she worked on an Angus Stud in Australia.

In her spare time, she is a Licensed Massage Therapist, photographer, a passionate chef, and is keen on travel to Africa and Asia. She began life with a boxer named Katja, gifted by her uncle and brought to the United States from Germany. Currently, she serves two Alpacas and Pender Air’s flight attendant, Jet Boo a Dutch Tulip Hound. People say Jet Boo was rescued, but we at Pender Air know that our pets and our client pets rescue us.


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