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Karla Carmichael

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Education:  Bachelor in Biology from Miami University.  After graduating college, I took a job at a chemical company as a lab technician.  After a few years I realized this was not something I wanted to pursue long term.  I had a decision to make. Growing up, I spent every summer at my grandparents horse farm caring for the horses, pigs, chickens dogs and cats.  I loved every minute of it! Being with animals makes me happy.  That’s when I decided I wanted to work with animals.

Personal Interests: Skiing, swimming, reading, watching movies.

Current Pets:  I have an 11 year old Boxer named Dewey.  Even at 11 years he acts like a goofy clown and is crazy as ever.  Boca is my 3 year old American Staffordshire Terrier.  She is half sweetheart, half devil.  Both are rescues.

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